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Your Mortgage Specialist Kim Matickk

When it comes to your mortgage, it is important to make sure you get the home you really want, with flexible financing solutions that are right for you. This is where I come in. I’m here to help you get the mortgage you need to suit your lifestyle and to make your home ownership goals happen. Supported by the considerable resources and expertise of TD Bank®, I will provide you expert advice and service for your home financing needs. I can help you understand the economic environment and ensure your financing suits your current situation and your future plans. I can provide you with a mortgage pre-approval, loans, line of credit, interm financing so you can buy before you sell. You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing you are working with a professional who has only your best interests in mind. If you are looking to make informed mortgage decisions, contact me today and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours. More Real Estate Here

Buying A Home.

  • Mortgage Pre-approval Here
  • When buying a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage, some documentation is needed to support your mortgage request. By providing us with the documents that we have indicated on this list, we can finalize your mortgage more efficiently.

    Information that describes the property you are buying.

    Purchase and sale agreement, listing with photo Name, address, telephone number of your solicitor/notary.

    Confirmation of downpayment source.

    Savings or investments statement from within the last 90 days, Sale of an existing property — a copy of the sale agreement, gift letter, withdrawal from RRSP through Home Buyer’s Plan Employment verification, copy of latest pay slip T4, Letter of employment T1 General and Notice of Assessment (NOA) if self-employed.

    Do you currently own your own home.

    Information that describes your existing property: recent mortgage statement, current homeowner insurance policy, most recent property tax bill/statement Legal description of your property (you can find this on your original purchase agreement or your property tax statement).

    Other information that may be required

    As part of your application process, we will ask you questions relating to what you owe and own, what some of the projected expenses relating to the property are, such as taxes, heating costs and condo fees, and whether you will be using the property to generate income.